Automated Grinding Machines

Benefits of Automated Grinding Systems:

  • Improved part quality
  • Increased machine uptime
  • Faster part cycle times
  • Better machine accuracy, reliability and repeatability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Quicker setup
  • Increased rigidity

 . . . All at a cost far less than buying a new machine

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Recognized as the industry’s leading solutions provider, GCH Machinery designs and builds turnkey automated grinding systems for customers worldwide. Our proven approach to machine rebuilding, honed over five decades, begins with a thorough understanding of your application and your unique manufacturing criteria. By paying close attention to your specifications, required tolerances and production rates, we deliver a world-class customized manufacturing cell that yields superior products and maximum performance. Over the years, we’ve partnered with companies worldwide to bring their automated grinding machine projects to reality.

Turning an older machine into a modern turnkey grinding system involves an in-depth knowledge of the system’s mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems as well as software and automation. Skilled in these disciplines and well-versed in global automated grinding operations, the GCH Machinery engineering and manufacturing teams are a rare find among machine builders. Coming from industry, our degreed engineers and craftsmen understand the challenges you face and will offer innovative, customized solutions for your automated grinding needs.  

A sample of the modules we can add to your turnkey system:

Why Select GCH Machinery?

One-stop shopping

We accept total responsibility for your entire grinder automation project, from design through installation. We eliminate the complications, time and cost of coordinating and working with multiple vendors. GCH Machinery has a long list of references from global manufacturers who will vouch for our ability to deliver projects on time and within cost.

Experience across a broad array of industries

GCH Machinery has been successfully helping customers improve their grinding operations longer than any other machine builder. Since we first cut our teeth on grinding applications over five decades ago, we’ve been consumed with improvement of customers' grinding operations. Some of the industries we specialize in include automotive, bearings, aerospace, cutting tools and fasteners, among others.

Ability to meet tight specifications

We can meet even the tightest specifications, and we’ll prove it to you with test results generated in our in-house metrology laboratory.

World-class manufacturing

Developed and honed by our engineering team, our world-class manufacturing processes rival those of the most admired global manufacturers. 

Comprehensive application assistance

Our multidisciplinary team will examine your processes and suggest improvements, and then design and build an automated grinding machine to match. We’ve created some of the most revolutionary machine designs in operation today. 

Global support and service
Through our global network of field service technicians located on five continents, we’re ready to support and service your system, wherever its location.

Grinders and more

If you’re new to GCH Machinery, you should know that we are more than grinders. Our expertise translates perfectly to the entire range of machine tools. 

Key Activities of Your Project



Application Review

Our grinder experts (machine designers, and electrical, mechanical and software engineers) examine your application and requirements. The goal of the review is two-fold. One, we look for ways to improve your grinding processes, making them more robust and repeatable, while increasing product rates. Two, we assess exactly what it will take to turn your machine into a modern, automated grinding cell. We may very well brainstorm upgrades for your machine, and you’ll be among the first to enjoy advances that will later turn into patented standard machine components. From management on down, we’ll be happy to meet with your team to explain design suggestions, go over possible issues or review cost advantages. 

Machine Design and Component Selection

Our engineers design your mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, cooling, automation and gaging modules. Each of our engineers brings individual strengths to the project, resulting in a system that matches your exacting standards.  We complete all work in-house, ensuring that all selected components are compatible with your systems. Together, our team will design a modern automated grinding machine or other machine tool that will produce parts that meet even the tightest specification, such as those required by automotive, medical, aerospace and military applications. GCH Machinery provides customized cutting-edge solutions to the centerless, ID, OD/cylindrical, surface and double disc grinding industries. 

Machine upgrades are standard when you select GCH Machinery:

  • Servo-rock system
  • Servo-cross slide
  • Servo compensation
  • Upgraded heavy duty workhead
  • Servo angle adjust
  • Servo headstock
  • Servo angle

We offer Fanuc, Siemens, Fanuc, Allen-Bradley, Omron, NUM and Mitsubishi controls.  Since we have worked on grinders and machine tools for so many years, programming software is straightforward and is completed in-house by our dedicated, experienced and degreed controls engineers. 

You’ll get a new machine enclosure to prevent machine fluids from leaking onto the floor or contaminating the environment.  We assist you in meeting your green manufacturing standards.

Machine Build

Your machine will be disassembled to its base. We’ll swap worn parts with top-of-the-line replacements that have been tested in our in-house metrology laboratory. Your electrical system and hydraulic system is replaced with entirely new systems. Everything from the CNC control to machine wiring, and from linear and rotary encoders to the electrical cabinet will be replaced. Your new electrical system is compliant with NFPA and OSHA regulations to ensure operator and machine safety. Any of your selected modules, automation, unload/load systems, chillers and others are tested and then integrated into your machine.

Machine Testing

Every element of your automated grinding machine will be checked. Once we’re certain the machine’s construction is sound, we perform rigorous tests including SPC, CPK and CM/CMK. These tests are carefully documented, then assembled into a report for your approval.

Machine Runoff

You’ll join us in our facility during runoff to ensure that the cycle time of your automated grinding machine is correct and that production parts meet specified quality. During runoff, your parts will be tested in our on-site metrology lab. Test results are delivered nearly immediately, which allows for quick adjustment of your machine and speeds the runoff process. The runoff concludes with machine sign-off.

Machine Installation

GCH personnel perform the installation and setup in your factory. Our process technicians will re-qualify your automated grinding machine on your shop floor to what was guaranteed at runoff.

The documentation you will receive with your grinding system is far beyond what most companies provide. All appropriate documents are supplied to you in both electronic and printed form, and include:

  • CE, CSA, PHSR, UL or other certifications
  • Step-by-step setup instructions
  • Safety features and standards
  • All electrical schematics and BOM
    • Hydraulic schematics
    • Lubrication schematics
    • Pneumatic schematics
  • All mechanical assemblies that have been added and BOM
  • Required maintenance
  • Recommended spare parts list
  • 2-year extended warranties on all parts
  • Floor plans
  • Layouts
  • Software programs

Machine Training

Training classes provide a solid understanding of your equipment. Whether you have one person or 10, the benefits of training with our seasoned instructors, will pay for itself several times over.

View our video gallery of automated grinding systems or contact GCH Machinery for assistance with your automated grinding machine project.