Grinder Remanufacturing the Right Way

GCH Machinery is well known for its remarkable ability to turn older grinders into modern turnkey grinding system marvels.  With engineering and production teams who are passionate about grinders, and a company philosophy that encourages innovation, excellence and ingenuity, it’s no wonder that customers are amazed by the dramatic transformation of their machine tools.  Have we piqued your interest?  Read more to learn about what goes on behind the scenes when GCH Machinery takes on your grinder remanufacturing project.

Toyoda OD grinder for a large multinational automotive maker

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Remanufactured Grinder Establishes New Precision and Productivity

Fifty years ago, military aircraft moved at speeds of up to 400 mph. Today, they can slice through the air nearly four times faster and perform split-second-timed maneuvers. Fifty years ago, the grinders that helped produce aircraft components had accuracies measured in the thousandths of an inch.  Today that tolerance is measured in microns.

Thanks to GCH Machinery, those 50-year-old grinders do not have to remain obsolete. The specialists at GCH are experts in the remanufacture, retrofit and revitalization of all types of grinders, bringing them up to full modern capability.

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Prep for Grinding Machine Delivery Ahead of Time

Of course, if you’re asking “now what?” at this point, it’s too late. If your goal was a smooth installation and start-up for your soon-to-be-delivered grinding machine, you should have asked that a few weeks – or even months – ago.

But let’s assume it’s not too late. In that case, your first step in preparing for the delivery is to review the layout you’ll receive once you’ve completed the ordering process. This document will provide the basic information you’ll need for the next several steps:

1.Make sure you’ve got a good location. The layout will provide the machine’s overall dimensions – double-check to ensure the grinder will fit in the space you’ve envisioned.

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Automation Can Help Grinding Machinery Owners Meet 2017’s Challenges

A new year brings new changes. Some will be surprises, but some won’t be – especially for grinding machinery owners and operators who recognize the trends already at play in their industries.

Three forces in particular look to have major impacts and likely will fuel an already increasing demand for further automated grinding systems.

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Welcome to Our New Website and Blog

We recently relaunched our website, which was many months in the making. We hope you like our new and clean look which is designed to detail the full range of our grinder remanufacturing and retrofitting capabilities. Along with enriched text descriptions of our many services, we’ve uploaded tons of videos and photos to demonstrate how we have helped thousands of customers improve their grinding operations.

Our key aims were to make the site better in many different ways:  

  • Provide easy and intuitive navigation
  • Present a more organized and aesthetically pleasing layout
  • Add heaps of photos and videos to illustrate just what we do
  • Enhance our text to effectively communicate the world of GCH Machinery
  • Create a highly responsive site that is mobile-friendly and consistent
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