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Prep for Grinding Machine Delivery Ahead of Time

Of course, if you’re asking “now what?” at this point, it’s too late. If your goal was a smooth installation and start-up for your soon-to-be-delivered grinding machine, you should have asked that a few weeks – or even months – ago.

But let’s assume it’s not too late. In that case, your first step in preparing for the delivery is to review the layout you’ll receive once you’ve completed the ordering process. This document will provide the basic information you’ll need for the next several steps:

1.Make sure you’ve got a good location. The layout will provide the machine’s overall dimensions – double-check to ensure the grinder will fit in the space you’ve envisioned.

2. Check the floor. The layout will provide the machine’s overall weight – is the concrete thick enough to support it? Another consideration is if the concrete is deep enough to protect the grinder from the vibrations of other equipment in the shop. You may need to pour additional concrete to achieve the right depth, or you may want to order a vibration pad to provide additional protection. A level floor is important, too, and GCH Machinery ships a 3” steel leveling pad with each machine to help alleviate those concerns.

3. Measure aisleways and doorways. Again, reference the dimensions in the layout to make sure the ordered piece of equipment will fit through every area between the delivery truck and the grinder’s final destination. If this is a replacement machine, you may feel confident that it will fit, but go back and take a good look at your shop. Have machine configurations changed since the last installation? A different layout could mean different measurements that won’t accommodate the new equipment. And don’t forget to check overhead – it’s not just the width of a space that can cause problems.

4. Install the correct utility drops. The layout will provide details on the type of utilities and where they should be located in relation to the new grinder’s position. You’ll want everything in place for easy hook-up once the grinder arrives.

There are also personnel decisions to be made well in advance of the delivery date. Who will be running the new equipment? Do they have the necessary training? Who needs to be on the floor and available the day the grinder arrives? Scheduling delivery for the week of your chief electrician’s dream vacation isn’t going to make anybody happy.

Logistics provide another possible set of decisions to make, depending on who’s handling those details. If the equipment manufacturer is managing the logistics, that’s one less thing for you to worry about. Otherwise, you’ll need to contract and schedule the shipping truck as well as a rigger to unload the grinder.

The timing of these tasks and decisions depends on whether this is a first-time delivery for a brand-new operation or the replacement of an existing grinder in long-running shop. A first-time buyer will want to begin preparations as soon as the purchase is finalized, while a long-time customer can wait until the final run-off to prep for the new equipment.

Either way, you’ll want to make sure to use a checklist to ensure everything is ready for the delivery.

 Who you buy your machinery from can make a big difference, too. Buying your grinder from a company like GCH Machinery means you’ll be working with a partner who understands your circumstances and can handle logistics and start-up details.

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