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Remanufactured Grinder Establishes New Precision and Productivity

Fifty years ago, military aircraft moved at speeds of up to 400 mph. Today, they can slice through the air nearly four times faster and perform split-second-timed maneuvers. Fifty years ago, the grinders that helped produce aircraft components had accuracies measured in the thousandths of an inch.  Today that tolerance is measured in microns.

Thanks to GCH Machinery, those 50-year-old grinders do not have to remain obsolete. The specialists at GCH are experts in the remanufacture, retrofit and revitalization of all types of grinders, bringing them up to full modern capability.

A Higher Altitude in Precision and Flexibility

Take, for example, the Norton 120” OD grinder used by a modern aerospace-industry supplier to produce ballscrews that control wing-flap positions. Recently remanufactured by GCH, this 1940s grinder now performs beyond contemporary expectations, with the following special capabilities required by the ballscrew manufacturer:

·        0.000020" repeatability to meet the required accuracies for machining ballscrews nearly 10 feet long

·        Precise drives that maintain consistent wheel speeds to keep parts from burning

·        Sophisticated CNC control of servo drive and ballscrew precision to generate virtually any form

·        OD grinder with the ability to do plunge grind and shoulder work like an angle head grinder

GCH designed a unique new slide, utilizing hardened and ground roller pathways to accommodate the flexible infeed to do both types of grinding. We incorporated air bearings so the head slide would swivel easily and accurately.  Variable speed drives were installed for complete control of the grinding wheel and infeed to hold RPMs where they're intended to be, in order to remove exact stock amounts.

A new wheel dressing unit, with dual axis servo control, complements the system, providing the ability to generate all types of intricate forms quickly and easily through the controller.  All mechanical switches and relays were replaced with solid-state electronics, and hydraulics and electrical circuits were upgraded with components to meet today’s standards.  A CNC control package links all the capabilities to provide simple programming, setup, operation and diagnostics.

More Than Mechanics to Remanufacturing

Almost anyone with a mechanical aptitude can rebuild or repair a grinder to make it perform like it did when it was new. At GCH, that's not good enough: We remanufacture to better-than-new performance. We draw upon programs that meet application needs such as simplifying setup, wheel dressing, operation and verification. We replace antiquated controls packages with controls of your choice, such as Allen­Bradley, Siemens, Fanuc and more.  We incorporate in-process and post-process gaging to ensure part quality and part compliance to specifications.  Most importantly, we have the expertise to remanufacture any grinder, whether it is centerless, double disc, surface, rotary surface, ID or OD.

Selection, Service and Support

Whether you select a machine from our inventory or from your existing equipment, the remanufacturing process can be completed in 12 to 18 weeks. Each machine is delivered with complete runoff documentation and is guaranteed for one year after delivery and setup.

Do you have a project you would like to discuss? Please contact us or fill out our RFQ form for a quote.

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