Grinding Process Development

Let us create or optimize your grinding process

GCH application engineers, mechanical engineers and control engineers provide complete design and grinder application assistance. Having this technical help up front provides you with the best application and a guarantee prior to completion that your process requirements will be met.

We determine in advance what components will be designed and used for each application. This includes speed, feed, wheel type, mechanical deflection, grinding pressure, bearing deflection, required motion, lubrication, hydraulics, coolant, spindle RPM, tooling, part touching details and high wearing components. We also consider the desired level of automation, gages, balancing, motor size and conditions within the plant. All of these items are reviewed to maximize the end result.

Our approach then follows a similar process:

  • Examine the part prints and discuss tolerances, surface finishes and critical dimensions
  • Discuss the volume of parts and how many grinding machines will be needed to achieve the desired production
  • Determine whether loading will be done manually or automatically
  • Develop a gaging strategy
  • Our tool designers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers design the entire grinding machine system from the ground up to exceed OEM quality standards
  • A custom grinding cell is built, adhering to these specifications, to ensure long-term, repeatable production.

Contact GCH Machinery to have us evaluate your application.