Grinder Types

Nobody Knows Your Grinders Like We Do

No company is more passionate and knowledgeable about grinders than GCH Machinery. From centerless grinders to double disc grinders and beyond, GCH Machinery has the expertise, experience and resources to take your older machine and turn it into a state-of-the art automatic grinding machine production center. GCH Machinery is a one-stop, turnkey provider. With an unrivaled reputation for quality and a sharp eye for innovation, GCH handles every aspect of your project with the utmost detail and takes total responsibility for your project.

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GCH Machinery combines the expertise of the most experienced engineers and craftsmen in the industry with world-class manufacturing practices, ensuring that your machine will provide maximum return on investment. GCH mechanical, electrical, software and processing engineers examine your requirements and part prints, fully understanding the specifications and tolerances that must be held, and develop unique systems for each customer. Few companies can give you this kind of customization.

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