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Blanchard grinders are best suited for materials with a large surface area. The distinctive feature of Blanchard grinding is its ability to rapidly and efficiently remove large amounts of material, making it particularly suitable for projects requiring significant stock removal.

About Blanchard Grinders

Blanchard grinding is named after the Blanchard Machine Company, which was founded by Robert Blanchard in the early 1900s. The company was based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and it specialized in manufacturing a specific type of surface grinding machine that utilized the rotary table grinding technique.

Blanchard Grinder Remanufacturing

Robert Blanchard developed this innovative grinding machine to address the needs of various industries, especially those requiring efficient grinding of large, flat surfaces. The machine’s design featured a rotary table capable of holding and rotating large workpieces, while a vertical grinding wheel passed over the workpiece’s surface. The combination of rotational movement and vertical grinding allowed for the rapid removal of material from the workpiece, resulting in flat and parallel surfaces.

As the company gained popularity for its surface grinding machines, the process they employed became widely known as “Blanchard grinding” due to its association with the Blanchard Machine Company.

Over time, the term “Blanchard grind” became a standard industry term to describe this particular type of surface grinding process, that leaves a cross-hatched design usually found on the finished material surface. Today, many companies and machine shops use Blanchard grinding as a standard method for precision grinding of large, flat parts, and the name has become synonymous with this type of grinding technique.

GCH Machinery’s Services for Blanchard Grinders

Grinders are not designed to last forever, and Blanchard grinders are no exception. Over time, your Blanchard grinder will certainly begin to wear out. The good news is you don’t have to scrap the whole machine. Buying a new one can seem like the best option, but it isn’t. The best option, and the most cost-effective is to do a rebuild, upgrade, or complete remanufacture of the machine.

When you apply any of these upgrade services to your old Blanchard grinder, the result is a machine that combines modern technology with enhanced ease of operation. Not only will this save you money it minimizes downtime, produces a better part and the operator will not have to spend valuable time getting familiar with brand-new equipment.

GCH Machinery has been offering Blanchard grinding services since 1954. We handle everything from rebuilding to upgrading your Blanchard machine with modern technologies. We can also expand its capabilities with an overhaul and restore it to new condition.

Trust us with your Blanchard grinder; let’s take it back to how it was when it first hit your facility’s floor, but this time, with advanced features that will increase your productivity. We are known for this!

GCH Machinery Has Experience with Every Blanchard Grinder Model

GCH has completed extensive remanufacturing and electronic upgrades with most Blanchard models, especially 48” and 60” machines. Most common Blanchard grinding machine models for which we’ve done extensive rebuilding and remanufacturing include:

  • 11-16
  • 11-20
  • 16A2
  • 18-30
  • 18-36
  • 18-42
  • 18A2
  • 20-36
  • 22-42
  • 26-48
  • 32-60
  • 36-60
  • 42-84
  • 48-96
  • 54-100

      Available Blanchard Grinder Upgrades and Accessories

      Our available Blanchard upgrades and accessories include:

      • Fanuc Control
      • In-Process Gage
      • Servo Grinding Wheelhead Infeed
      • Servo Table
      • Updated Electrical Controls
      • Servo Column Tilt Mechanism
      • Servo Column Tilt
      • SBS Acoustic Sensor
      • CGI In-Process Gage Controllers
      • Automatic Lubrication System

      GCH Machinery Has Extensive Expertise in Blanchard Grinder Remanufacturing and Rebuilding

      GCH Machinery is the world’s most respected remanufacturer of Blanchard grinders. Nobody comes close! We combine both competence and decades of experience working with Blanchard grinders. You rarely find a company with field service technicians on five continents to support your machine. But at GCH, we do.

      We have remanufactured and rebuilt over 250+ Blanchard grinders with different upgrades, including FANUC, ALLEN BRADLEY & SIEMENS controls, in-process gage, servo grinding wheelhead infeed, updated electrical controls and automatic lubrication systems to mention a few!

      GCH Machinery is your go-to place for Blanchard and other grinder brand services. From upgrading it with electrical design and engineering, controls and software programming to testing and onsite installation, we can handle all from start to finish!

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