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Surface Grinder Rebuilding and Upgrades


GCH Machinery can rebuild, retrofit or remanufacture your surface grinder, or incorporate your machine into an automated grinder cell. Surface grinders are reworked to exacting tolerances and specifications to meet today’s modern manufacturing needs.

GCH Machinery services the manufacturing, industrial and commercial markets. Our ability to control the design and manufacturing at every level ensures that the highest quality standards are always met. As a turnkey grinder provider, GCH Machinery delivers the best possible products and services to our customers worldwide.

We Remanufacture Various Types of Surface Grinders That Can Suit Different Applications and Workpieces

Rotary Surface Grinders

These machines have a circular table that rotates under a grinding wheel that can be tilted or swiveled to adjust the angle of the cut. The workpiece is secured to the table by a magnetic chuck or a vacuum chuck. This type of surface grinder is suitable for complex and irregular workpieces, such as gears, cams or molds.

Horizontal-Spindle Surface Grinders

Suitable for large and flat workpieces, such as metal plates, blocks or slabs, these grinders feature a horizontal grinding wheel that moves across the workpiece in a back-and-forth motion. The workpiece is mounted on a rectangular table that reciprocates under the wheel.

Vertical-Spindle Surface Grinders

These surface grinders have a vertical grinding wheel that rotates around a fixed axis. The workpiece is held by a magnetic chuck or a vacuum chuck that rotates with the wheel. Small and round workpieces, such as bearings, rings or discs, are compatible with this type of surface grinder.

Benefits of Remanufactured Surface Grinders by GCH Machinery

Some of the benefits of remanufactured surface grinders by GCH Machinery are:

• More Cost-Effective: They are more cost-effective than buying new machines. Remanufactured grinders typically cost from 30% to 70% less than brand-new grinder machines.

• Improved Performance and Reliability: Surface grinder remanufacturing involves restoring all the components of the machine to manufacturer standards or better. This ensures that the machine meets or exceeds OEM specifications and can handle complex grinding applications.

• Modern Features and Capabilities: Remanufacturing also involves upgrading the machine with new mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems, as well as automation, gaging, touch screen and other features that enhance the efficiency, accuracy and safety of the grinding process.

• Environmentally Friendly: They have reduced environmental impact. Remanufacturing saves energy and materials by reusing existing parts and reducing waste. It also extends the life cycle of the machine and reduces the need for new production.

View our surface grinder video below or contact GCH Machinery.

Click the images below to view full-sized photos of our rebuilding and remanufacturing capabilities for surface grinders.

Blanchard 32HD‐60 Surface Grinder
Blanchard 32‐60 Surface Grinder
Heald 361 Surface Grinder

See our Remanufacturing Services slide show for more examples.

Learn more about our machine tool rebuilding and remanufacturing services for Blanchard, Koyo, Landis, Brown & Sharpe, Okamoto, Springfield and other surface grinders.

Contact GCH Machinery for assistance with your surface grinder upgrade.

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