GCH Metrology Laboratory

Quality That’s Designed In

No other grinder remanufacturer comes close to GCH Machinery’s commitment to grinding machine quality and life-long performance.

Companies that are as concerned about grinding quality as we are will be impressed by GCH Machinery’s on-site metrology laboratory. Not only will you have access to the industry’s best metrology lab, you’ll also be working with a company that values dedication, attention to details and commitment.

Recent additions to our laboratory include significant investment in top-of-the-line Carl Zeiss testing equipment:

  • ACCURA 9/18/7 coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
  • RONDCOM 60AS for form measurements
  • SURFCOM 500 for contour and surface measuring

GCH Machinery’s metrology laboratory offers you a number of benefits:

  1. Quick results
    You’ll get nearly instantaneous test results. No more waiting weeks for results, which lead to unnecessary worry and delays in machine delivery. 
  2. Ensured machine tool quality
    All major machine components are tested before they are integrated into your equipment, ensuring that your machine tool will meet your requirements. 
  3. Ensured part quality
    Any variances from required specifications can be immediately addressed and corrected by adjusting machines or tooling.
  4. Confidence
    All testing is completed in house under the supervision of specially-trained GCH employees.
  5. Convenience
    All test equipment is housed in an environmentally-controlled clean room within the GCH Machinery plant.
  6. Quality Standards
    Your part quality is dependent upon your grinding machine quality. To maintain geometric tolerances over extended use we adhere to the international SPC, CPK and Ppk quality standards.

Individual components are also matched, tested and certified. New motors and pulleys are vibration tested and certified to rigid, certified specifications. When you purchase a grinding system from GCH Machinery, we guarantee that you will meet all SPC specifications in writing, and prove it during your runoff prior to taking delivery.

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