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Cincinnati Milacron Centerless, OD/Cylindrical Grinder Services

With thousands of machines produced over 100+ years, Cincinnati Milacron is a trusted name in centerless grinding machines and OD / cylindrical grinders.

And when your Cincinnati machine tool needs an upgrade, there’s no better name to trust than GCH Machinery. Backed by more than 55 years of experience, we have the expertise and in-depth knowledge needed to get your centerless or OD/cylindrical grinder back in like-new — or even better-than-new — shape.

Cincinnati Milacron once was the world’s largest machine tool manufacturer, well regarded for its innovation and quality. Even after decades of use, many Cincinnati Milacron centerless and OD/cylindrical grinders are still grinding away today in shops around the world.

No matter how old your Cincinnati machine tool may be, we have an unparalleled understanding of your grinding challenges. We deal with Cincinnati Milacron centerless and OD/cylindrical grinders on a daily basis, and our customer base ranges from local grinding shops to major manufacturing centers in all corners off the globe.

Experience with Every Cincinnati Grinder Model

Most common Cincinnati centerless grinding machine models for which we’ve done extensive rebuilding and remanufacturing include:

  • 107-4
  • 220-8
  • 230-10
  • 2EA
  • 2OM
  • 325-12
  • 3-300
  • 330-15
  • 340-20
  • 3-500
  • 350-20
  • 350-20 RK
  • 3EA
  • 430-12
  • 475-20
  • 4EA
  • Cinco-15

Additionally, our rebuilding and remanufacturing expertise extends to these Cincinnati OD/cylindrical grinders:

  • 480 OD

In reality, GCH Machinery hasn’t met a centerless or OD/cylindrical grinder model for which it couldn’t provide some improvements.

Big or small, our customers know they can rely on GCH Machinery to provide the upgrades, accessories, retrofits or full turnkey remanufacturing services they need to keep their operations running flawlessly.

Available Cincinnati Upgrades and Accessories

Our extensive line of grinder accessories is a perfect match for any Cincinnati Milacron centerless or OD/cylindrical grinder. Those accessories include: 

Another option we provide is a full series of automation improvements including robots from a choice of industry-leading manufacturers, as well as hoppers, feeders and gantry-style load/unload systems. Our customized approach will meet your needs and improve your overall process.

No Cincinnati Machine Tool is Too Old to Rebuild

When it comes time for your Cincinnati Milacron centerless or OD/cylindrical grinder to undergo a rebuild or full remanufacturing, you can count on our years of experience and innovative approach to deliver the machine you need.

Our experts will discuss your full process, looking for ways to enhance your operation and ensure that your company implements the most productive and modern manufacturing processes. Because of our world-class manufacturing standards, we’ll deliver the most inventive, effective solution available.

The end result is a carefully planned and executed remanufacturing process that can boost performance beyond what your Cincinnati Milacron grinder originally provided. Improved productivity, increased reliability, less downtime and better part quality are just some of the advantages you’ll reap from a GCH Machinery grinder remanufacturing project.

Not certain what your grinder requires? Our team will be glad to walk through your concerns with you. We know centerless grinders inside and out and can help you identify the right approach to your grinding requirements.

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