Grinder Remanufacturing Before and After Photos

GCH Machinery has the grinder remanufacturing capabilities and experience to transform a failing, older grinder into a modern, sophisticated grinding system.

As a premier remanufacturing facility, GCH Machinery uses the most advanced mechanical and electronic technology available. Before any grinding system leaves our facility, all aspects of the machine undergo intense quality checks to ensure reliable and consistent performance. Browse our grinder remanufacturing before and after photos to witness how GCH has turned ailing machine tools into state-of-the-art grinding marvels.

Click the images below to view full-sized BEFORE and AFTER photos of our grinder remanufacturing capabilities.

Grinding machines remanufactured by GCH undergo an extensive step-by-step process. First, we’ll strip your machine down to its bare castings. From there, we’ll begin to remanufacture your machine in accordance with these guidelines:

  • All ways, slides and moving surfaces are precision hand-scraped and flaked
  • All spindles are ceramic-coated or chrome-plated and ground
  • All Filmatic bearings are removed and replaced with new, precision-scraped units, and matched to new spindle surfaces
  • Bearings, roller, ball and angular contacts are removed and replaced with new matching precision sets
  • All hydraulic valves are removed and replaced with new units
  • All steel pipes, hydraulic hoses and fittings are removed and replaced with new units
  • All hydraulic pumps, filters and motors are removed and replaced with new units
  • Electrical, motor starter and fuse blocks are removed and replaced with new units
  • Panel disconnects, wiring and transformers are removed and replaced with new units
  • New NEMA 12 electrical enclosures is installed
  • New SLC, PLC and CNC controls are installed
  • GCH can provide new control console color CRT and push buttons, if specified
  • Complete AutoCAD schematics (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • New auto lubrication controls, lube blocks, steel lines and fittings
  • New motion-control devices, servos and steppers
  • New precision-ground ball screws and nuts
  • New grinder tooling
  • New automation for loaders and unloaders
  • New in-process and post-process gages
  • New auto-wheel balancers
  • New constant surface footage
  • Special load-monitoring devices
  • Choice of color (customer selection)
  • Completely retooled set-up and SPC and CPK run-off of your part
  • Complete turnkey package
  • Global warranty standard

Learn more about grinder remanufacturing by reading about our Remanufacturing Services or our specific rebuilding capabilities for centerless grinders, surface grinders, double disc grinders, ID grinders, OD/cylindrical grinders and microcentric grinders.

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